3 junio, 2023

Printemps du MAC 2023 Art Auction: 21 local artists you need to know


 The Printemps du MAC art auction begins today. A feature of the event to be held on April 28 at New City Gas, this year’s auction for the benefit of the Fondation du Musée d’art contemporain (MAC) features 21 emerging and established local artists. Bidding will be open until the evening of Les Printemps du MAC, for which some tickets are still available! The auction will end half an hour after midnight (12:30 a.m.) on the night of April 28 to 29. The auction catalogue is available online.

Continuing a practice that started with the event’s virtual edition, the Fondation du MAC will be giving the artists one-third of the money raised by the art sale as a vote of thanks for their contribution and to help support their artistic practice. “Adding a work of art to our daily lives can be inspiring and symbolic of our values, our interests, and our commitment to culture. The artists have been so generous; in fact, some of the pieces were created especially for this event,” said Erika Del Vecchio, curator and member of the Printemps du MAC 2023 organizing committee.

“The Foundation is very pleased to support the next generation of artists and to help the contemporary art ecosystem flourish. The Printemps du MAC art auction invites art lovers to make up their own minds and develop a personal approach to what contemporary art is. The auction presents art in all its forms,” said Anne Lebel, Executive Director of the Fondation du MAC.

The auction creates a connection between philanthropists and Canada’s contemporary cultural world. “It offers the public a unique opportunity to intimately engage with the art world and provides a tangible means of supporting contemporary artists, while also giving visitors an up-close and personal experience with their work”, said Francis Guindon, a co-chair of the Printemps du MAC 2023 organizing committee.

The auction offers a selection of works that aim to expand the given boundaries of visual art and attract both neophytes and connoisseurs. “It’s also an ideal opportunity to start a collection by purchasing that first piece that will feed an interest in contemporary art,” said Charles LeMay, the other co-chair of the organizing committee.

The Fondation du MAC would like to offer its sincere thanks to the artists who have donated works for this year’s auction: Maude Arsenault, Nabil Azab, Vinna Begin, Ophélie Bouchard, Shary Boyle, Craig Commanda, Maria Esthela, Chris Fusaro, Pascale Girardin, Léa Grantham, Maggy Hamel Metsos, Andrée-Jade Hélie, Mie Kim, Alexia Laferté Coutu, Sandy Lamb, Malcolm McCormick, Andrew Moncrief, Marion Paquette, Laurence Pilon, Sabrina Ratté, Corri-Lynn Tetz.

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