26 marzo, 2023



As millions gather to watch the Big Game – many will be invested in the teams on the field, others to the superstar halftime show, and still others in the collection of commercials in between. 

Sooth—a new strategic marketing consultancy with a patent-pending methodology that harnesses data, AI, and human intellect to foster deeper human-brand connections—will be there too.

On its various digital platforms, sooth will livestream soothrbowl Sunday with an assembled panel of experts dishing truths about this year’s Big Game ads and critique them through the lens of human understanding. Scoring factors will use sooth‘s proprietary soothscale, a Periodic Table of the top 10 emotions that are critical factors in consumer decisions. 

“This is the game within the game,” said founder and chief soothsayer Ian Baer, a decades-long veteran of the ad industry. “These ads represent a massive amount of a brand’s annual budget as well as a creative team’s time, energy, and effort. They’ve put in as much work as the teams on the field and data shows most marketing campaigns ultimately fail – which is a loss nobody wants.” 

Baer continues: “There will be plenty of Monday morning quarterbacks focusing on the creative, production, and other aesthetics instead of what really matters: emotional connection with those who will choose whether or not to buy the product. On soothrbowl Sunday, we’ll look at these spots in a new way – beyond the initial gut reaction and use our proprietary method to focus on the true emotional impact of these campaigns by evaluating how effective they are at creating true connections between brands and people in real-time.” 

The soothrbowl team of referees includes comedy writer and executive producer David Brody (The Morning Show, “The Brooklyn Boys” podcast) and community marketing expert Meghan Peters (The Idea Integration Company and a former exec for Facebook, Mashable and The Wall Street Journal) and is led by Baer who will apply the patent-pending sooth method, which unlocks the science of consumer decisions to the conversation.

Acting as referees, the three powerhouses will represent a different point of view on each ad – from the perspectives of the targeted customer (Brody, bringing the comedic stance of the average consumer), and to communities at large (Peters, will provide her unique expertise on how people receive and share information). Baer will represent the emerging and powerful voice of sooth –interpreting through the lens of sooth’s Periodic Table of 10 Emotional Elements. He will highlight where the spots strike the right chords, as well as the wrong notes in terms of creating true connections between brands and consumers, as well as evaluate whether a brand’s commercial resonates emotionally with its targeted audience.

In addition, viewers are encouraged to play along with the referees as they send up advertising tropes with the “soothrbowl BS bingo” eating/drinking game, and score along with the official soothrbowl connection scorecard — both of which can be downloaded at soothbetold.com/soothrbowl or from sooth’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

soothrbowl Sunday will be live with content across all of sooth’s social platforms including Facebook LiveLinkedInYouTube and Instagram. A roundup will launch on YouTube the next day in addition to publishing a ranking of the Big Game’s most emotionally connected ads of 2023. All of the referees will be interacting with viewers on their own social media platforms during the livestreams, as well. You can find their handles on sooth’s website.

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