26 marzo, 2023

Six bodies found inside a car in Tijuana, State Attorney identified three victims, investigations go on


Six bodies were found by Tijuana PD officers, they were left inside a van, in a parking lot next to Plaza Conquistador, this heinous crime has shocked Tijuana residents and all over the State, and the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE). reports, in a press release, that the Special Prosecutor for Crimes Against Life is in charge of the investigation.

The panel-type Chevrolet truck where the bodies were found, had been reported as stolen on September 24, 2022. CSI experts processed data at the scene looking for evidence, which will be treated technically and scientifically, according to state Attorney General, Ricardo Ivan Carpio.

The six bodies were Found inside a panel in ashopping center parking lot

The State Attorney General’s Office informs that three the bodies are still to be identified, but didn’t mention the names of the three people whose identity has been established, there was only mention of their big criminal but assured the identity of the dead will be informed ASAP,

Attorney General Carpio promised to work hard in order to detain the perpetrators and all those responsible for the multi-homicide, he said that thew will “locate them and bring them to criminal proceedings so that they pay and receive just punishment for their atrocities.”

Red lights have triggered all over Baja, since this creepy finding comes a couple weeks after two criminal groups collided in a two-hour shooting in Mexicali Valley, right in the line that separates Sonora and Baja California, leaving Mr. Carpio facing a huge and hard challenge.

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