29 enero, 2023

Three dead and six wounded in shootout in Baja-Sonora border line 

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This Saturday morning, December 03, at 8:00 o´clock shootout between two rival factions of the Sinaloa Cartel, the so called “Chapitos” and the “Rusos”, collided in a violent shooting, on the border between Baja California and Sonora, near the Kilómetro 57 and Poblado Luis B Sánchez, leaving three dead and six wounded, according to informed sources. 

Local residents locked up inside their houses as a 20 SUV convoy, with heavy armed men, was arriving to Poblado Luis B. Sanchez, and halted in front of a house where the shoot out began, it lasted about an hour and ended up in Margaritas Avenue, right on the line that divides Baja California and Sonora. 

What had been a gleeful night of celebration, since Friday was the 84 Anniversary of Poblado Luis B Sánchez, turned into a sorrowful morning for the locals, who hid in terror inside their houses, as the two criminals were firing AK47 assault rifles and other automatic weapons. 

Local Police agents had to wait for backup, since they were outnumbered and outpowered by the criminals arsenal, so once again, the Mexicali Valley is the scenario of a turf dispute between these two organizations. 

The wounded were taken to San Luis, Sonora by emergency services, they are in the hospital, arrested and will be turned to Federal authorities as soon as they heal. 

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