7 diciembre, 2022

The diesel truck runs on hydrogen too


The latest report from researchanalyst.com goes into detail on the Canadian hydrogen pioneer dynaCERT Inc. By incorporating its hydrogen technology, the Company ensures more efficient combustion in conventional engines, such as those of trucks. The solution could contribute significantly to meeting global climate targets and be an economical and realistic bridge solution for existing heavy-duty transport fleets. Hydrogen and diesel – a propulsion technology with a near future? Operators are also likely to focus on possible carbon credits.

Excerpts and facts about the report at researchanalyst.com:

  • Jim Payne, President and CEO of dynaCERT: «With diesel prices rising globally, dynaCERT is excited to serve the private and public sectors in Canada and internationally…Our products are designed for future carbon credits while users achieve sustainability and reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.»
  • «In about 18(!) years, if truck builders have their way, only vehicles that run on electricity, hydrogen or biofuel will be produced.»… «However, bridge technologies with economic benefits for the commercial vehicle industry are already available to reduce emissions in the short term.»
  • «CAD 90 million and 18 years of research and development have gone into this technology, which Payne says is unique in the world and has 20 patents and multiple certifications.»
  • «Future plans also include use for retrofitting on passenger cars, ships and trains.»

The full report is available at https://researchanalyst.com/en/report/dynacert-with-hydrogen-into-the-mass-market.

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