29 enero, 2023

«Tijuana merchant allegedly murdered by 2 Tijuana PD cops found dead»: state Attorney General Ricardo Carpio


Genetic samples obtained by the Coroner of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), determined that a burned corpse, which was found days ago in Libertad section in Tijuana, belong to José Alberto Ramírez Cantero, who had been reported as missing, and allegedly illegally detained by two Tijuana PD cops, who are being tried for this heinous .

In a press conference, State Attorney General, Ricardo Iván Carpio Sánchez, informed about the advances of this regretful case, there had been an arrest warrant against two Police officers who supposedly detained him and were arraigned as THE BAJA POST informed about a week ago.

Both Tijuana cops, identified as Martín Trinidad «N» and Esteban Heriberto «N», are in jail, where they will face trial for the murder and kidnapping of José Alberto Ramírez Cantero, who was pulled over by the cops and then taken somewhere, where they took 40 thousand dollars and killed him.

On September 2, José Alberto´s family filed a missing person´s legal complaint, since no one had heard of him or knew his whereabouts since two days before, he had left home in his car and he had been missing for more than 24 hours, his family desperately requested the FGE’s help, in order to locate José Alberto.

There was a street surveillance video which showed how Ramírez Cantero was pulled over and taken away inside a Tijuana PD patrol car, while the other cops drives Ramírez car, which is part of the exhibits that will determine the two cops fate in the trial of this dreadful case, where two people who were supposed to enforce the Law, turned out to be alleged ordinary kidnappers and thieves.

After a search warrant was granted by a Judge, both cops houses were searched and bills adding up to 44-45 thousand dollars were found inside their homes, and according to Ramirez Cantero´s relatives that is the amount that he had in his car, which may have been what awakened the cops’ greed.

Investigations proved that, on September 1, the victim had been intervened by a patrol car of the Tijuana PD, in the Libertad section of the city; meanwhile, José Alberto´s car was located on September 11 in the so-called Aleman Section in Tijuana’s Centro Delegation.

«We regret these terrible events», said Attorney General Carpio, “it is important to tell them that we will firmly continue this criminal process; we reject and condemn the betrayal of these rogue elements; we will keep up the fight against impunity, and the full weight of the law will fall upon those who are found guilty”, he stated.

General Attorney Carpio said that, investigations determined that the deceased was intervened by elements of Tijuana PD, without any justification and illegally taken away; the search warrants were obtained for the justified entry by the competent authority into the homes of the two police elements.

In the judicial diligence, he added, a firearm was found, bills of different denominations in «Our conviction and absolute determination in the frontal and permanent fight against impunity, it is important to comply with the law, it is important for the citizens that we do so to regain confidence in the institutions,» he finally said.

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