29 enero, 2023

The secret festival returns, on one of the most beautiful islands in the world


Every year for 6 years, summer comes to an end with the celebration of a secret festival that takes place in the middle of the Mediterranean. This is SON Estrella Galicia Posidonia, an experience that goes beyond music and in which only 300 lucky people enjoy a dream weekend in one of the most beautiful islands in the worldFormentera. It is an exclusive event that can be enjoyed from October 7 to 9 among its beachessunsets and unexpected settings.

SON Estrella Galicia Posidonia is not just a festival, it’s not just music and beer, it’s not just three days of festivities: it’s all that and much more.

It is a secret musical line-up curated by Sinsal that combines new talents with recognized artists in exclusive formats. It is a gastronomy proposal led by two renowned chefs with several Michelin Stars, Diego Guerrero and Pepe Solla, who have designed an experience in collaboration with local establishments to unite Atlantic and Mediterranean traditions. It is also a constant celebration of beer culture with tastings and informative tours.

And, embracing all the above, it is also a commitment to generating positive impact in a zero-emission event that is committed to decarbonizationcircular economyprotection of ecosystemssustainable mobility, and awareness.

All these elements come together as a tribute to one of the most paradisiacal islands in the world, Formentera, the great protagonist that is explored via routes and activities with which to discover its full potential.

As in previous editions, SON Estrella Galicia Posidonia will be reserved for only 300 people to integrate with the environment in a respectful way and preserve it. One of the main objectives of the event since the start is to protect the oceanic Posidonia, the plant responsible for the spectacular blue of its waters, through the support of the Save Posidonia Project.

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