26 marzo, 2023

Hornblasters Announces Florida’s First Horn Museum Displaying Horn from Original ‘Top Gun’ Film


Planes, trains, automobiles—all these vehicles move us across the country, all depending on horns. We use horns to honk at bad drivers, alert people of an oncoming train, and more. Despite this, we’ve yet to see a museum dedicated to horns. Enter HornBlasters’s new Museum of Horns (working title).

HornBlasters Leslie Supertyfon 425-DVE Horn. This horn came from the USS Ranger aircraft carrier made famous in the Top Gun movie.
HornBlasters Leslie Supertyfon 425-DVE Horn. This horn came from the USS Ranger aircraft carrier made famous in the Top Gun movie.

For over 20 years, HornBlasters has sold horns to drivers, who install massive train horns on their cars and trucks. Now they are creating a museum for horn history, a perfect tourist destination for kids addicted to toys, car enthusiasts, or drivers who rely on Hornblasters for the loudest honk in the land.

CEO Matt Heller is one of these drivers himself. A Florida native, he hated combating bad drivers on his morning commute, so he started designing train horns for cars. He could blast bad drivers off the road–and he’s since blasted HornBlasters into a famous American brand.

Heller, though, loved horns all his life. Train horns and whistles fascinated him as a kid, and he’s devoured horn history as he’s experimented with new horns to add to Americans’ favorite cars. Over the years, he’s acquired horns from across the world, including the Leslie Tyfon 425-DVE horn from the USS Ranger Aircraft Carrier from Top GunHeller’s creating the Museum of Horns to display his collection and honor America’s storied horn history, including the Top Gun horn.

“We have unique, historical horns from all modes of transportation that will be on display,” Heller says in a statement. “We have a strong desire to build a destination worthy of showing off these historic and unique horns and whistles–a place where people can get in touch with the history of horns and get up close to some of these pieces.”

The Museum of Horns will be the latest engaging tourist attraction in Central Florida. HornBlasters plans to open the museum by 2025. It will open in the Tampa Bay area, close to Busch Gardens, Walt Disney World, the west Florida beaches, and other tourist attractions. Florida is the loudest state in the USA, and Heller will make sure the Museum of Horns is a must-see in the Sunshine State.


HornBlasters is a market leader for automotive train horn applications. Founded in 2002, it has created a niche automotive product segment of train horns for cars, trucks, rail, and boats. Since then, the business has exponentially grown its market and has expanded into air suspension, load support, and electric air horns.

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