29 mayo, 2023

One dead pilot in practice rounds and a “white Balance” in the San Felipe Baja 250, more than 45 thousand attendees


With one dead pilot during practice rounds, and “white balance” in the official San Felipe Baja 250 off-road race, last weekend, an event which a large number of tourists and participants enjoyed, the San Felipe airport revival, large “economic spill” in San Felipe, all of these were possible due to the three levels of government coordination, said the president of the San Felipe Foundation Municipal Council, José Luis Dagnino López.

Due to the high flow of tourists, around 45 thousand people, large amounts of garbage were generated. It is estimated that there were some 50 tons of extra waste, from the three day of road competition, which were collected and confined in the San Felipe landfill.

Pilots, mechanics, tourists and San Felipe residents, all enjoyed the San Felipe Baja 250 off road race, which somehow gave new life to the San Felipe

Dagnino indicated that all the cleaning and public works  staff, were from San Felipe who worked hard and achieved a clean first square and the Malecón of San Felipe, the president of the Foundational Council gave recognition to all the workers involved in this huge undertaking.

He said that this race, which was taken care of in its entirety by the local government, broke the attendance record for tourists and participants, since 276 teams, 44 Truphy Trucks, registered, many of them arrived in private charter flights.

About 50 tons of garbage were somehow picked up by Public Services from the San Felipe Foundational Council.

To support the surveillance by the municipal police, Police agents from Mexicali arrived as part of an agreement between San Felipe and Mexicali, which was covered in a timely manner by the local government as established.

On the other hand, Dagnino López reported that the person who died in an accident on the Tuesday before the race is not considered part of the activities of the San Felipe 250, because they officially started on Thursday and also the person who unfortunately died was not registered as a runner, according to Score International, which is why the activities of the San Felipe 250 this year are considered as white balance.

The hotel occupancy was one hundred percent, as well as in tourist fields and given the experience of workers and officials of the city council, because although it is the first San Felipe 250 as a municipality, it is an activity that has been carried out for more than two decades.

Finally, Dagnino López indicated that there were minor incidents, due to the fact that part of the tourists or residents did not abide by the safety recommendations, such as not being very close to the track and less so in the curves since the cars can get lost. However, he concluded, it was the least who did not heed the recommendations.

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