7 febrero, 2023

Russians and Ukrainians stranded in Tijuana, camping next to San Ysidro border crossing, invited to go to shelters


Russian and Ukrainian citizens are stranded in Tijuana hoping to apply for political asylum in the United States, they remain near the pedestrian entrance of the San Ysidro Border Crossing, and authorities invited them to move to shelters operating in the city, said Municipal Director of Immigrant Attention, Enrique Lucero Vázquez.

He tried to persuade the Russians and Ukrainians not to camp in that place, because they obstruct pedestrian traffic to the United States, and they might generate a public health problem since they are camping and there are not enough sanitary services (restrooms / toilets) for them, said Lucero Vazquez.

Another recommendation is not to attempt to cross into the USA by force, since, in addition to risking their physical integrity; they could be subject to a penalty, which could affect any future request for refuge or asylum in the United States.

“Tijuana City Hall invites you to go to the shelters that are provided free of charge for you, in case you don’t have money to pay for a hotel room”. They are not being denied the right to asylum, they simply cannot stay in the border area for a long time or sleep in this public space”, says one of the paragraphs of the document delivered by the DMAM.

Similarly, it is a known fact that Russian citizens have the right to request asylum, however, it is recommended for them to seek the support of a certified lawyer since, at the moment, there is no immigration process for them, being in Mexican territory.

The aforementioned letter informs foreigners «you are all welcome to Tijuana, and you have the support of the municipal government for any information, guidance or support you need.»

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