1 abril, 2023

Six alleged organized crime operators arrested on Monday will be charged and arraigned, according to Mexican Army


Several individuals, alleged organized crime operatives, were arrested after a chase and violent confrontation and they will be charged with various crimes, according to reports from the Ministry of National Defense, published on social media, where they also reported that the corresponding reports about the arrest have been delivered.

After several weeks or months in which the Mexicali Valley became a violent and insecure place, with clashes between supposed criminal groups that dispute “the plaza” for the transfer of drugs to the United States, which has generated several violent acts.

Rumor has it that there is a struggle of sorts between two factions of the Sinaloa Cartel, who are fighting over the control of drug smuggling from Mexicali to California, and the Valley is ideal for light aircraft to land on clandestine strips, and then introduce drugs (mainly cocaine, meth and fentanyl) from there.

Experts on the subject of organized crime have stated that this is a confrontation between “Chapitos” and “Mayo Zambada”, who have been quarreling over control of the Sinaloa Cartel, as a result of El Chapo being sentenced to life in prison and leaving an empty space which his sons deem they can fill, but it seems that Mayo doesn´t think so, the detained are allegedly related to the “chapitos” faction.

There had been another relevant arrest, a guy nicknamed “Omega”, had been arrested when he was driving drunk, firing guns on the so called Golden zone of Mexicali, he was chased and detained in the crossroads of Ninth Street and CETYS Avenue, he is one of the most dangerous and lethal members of organized crime, and he could have provided clues to the National Guard, the Mexican Army and the State Attorney, which may have led to last Monday’s events.

Elements of the Mexican Army delivered to the FGR the Approved Police Report (IPH) on the operation in Ejido Chiapas 3, which includes six detainees, who after a fast chase and shoot out ended with the arrest of six people person, who are alleged operators of the Sinaloa Cartel in Baja California.

The defendants are the leader of the group Alfredo “N” alias “Wicho”, who remained delicate in the General Hospital, which has been closely watched by elements of SEDENA, given the high level of danger of the detainees.

In addition, Jesús Omar «N», Luis Mario «N», Manuel Antonio «N», Juan Antonio «N» and Adrián «N», in the report it is mentioned that after the confrontation and submission of the ´alleged assassins and operatives of the CDS, six long weapons were seized, including a 50-caliber Barrett.

The indictment hearing for the detainees is scheduled for Thursday, February 3, and the arraignment hearing could take place, although the defense attorneys could request an extension of the term.

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