1 abril, 2023

Casa Dorada Los Cabos, Resort & Spa, Receives The Health Security Verification By Forbes


The recognized and famous resort hotel Casa Dorada Los Cabos, Resort & Spa, just obtained the coveted “Sharecare Verified” emblem, which Forbes awards to lodging establishments that follow an extensive set of cleanliness regulations in their facilities.

Sharecare Health Security is a thorough verification process and platform that enables hospitality firms to implement processes and procedures across facilities to prevent COVID-19 transmission and other public health hazards.

The Resort grants visitors a more convenient yet equally spectacular alternative to the more remote hotel zone of the Tourist Corridor. Boasting unobstructed vistas of Land’s End and the famous Arch, Casa Dorada is just 30 minutes away from Los Cabos International Airport.

The comprehensive assessment covers:

  • Health and hygiene protocols
  • Cleaning products and procedures
  • Masks and PPE
  • Ventilation
  • Management accountability
  • Health safety communication with guests and employees

For the second consecutive year, the hotel complied with more than 360 expert-validated health and safety standards coordinated by the hotel’s Department of Safety, Hygiene, and Environmental Care. The Forbes Badge covers subjects from hygiene and disinfection to the guest experience and health safety communication.

In response to this, Leonardo Perli, Director of the prestigious hotel, expressed his gratitude to the team responsible for making this possible and reaffirmed his dedication to the safety of their guests. “As a team and with the Tourism Board, we worked extremely hard to make this magnificent place safe for our visitors,” Perli added.

To sum up, the hotel’s CEO urged tourists to travel carefully and informed while enjoying the wonderful pleasures that Los Cabos has to offer.

This 181-suite hotel blends the five-star resort experience with a laid back family-friendly and pet-friendly spirit perfect for reconnecting with relatives, rekindling with someone special, or recreating with friends. Located in Medano Beach -the best swimmable beach of Cabo in front of the Iconic Arch-, Casa Dorada is an oceanfront sanctuary in modern suites featuring expansive living areas, kitchenettes, and balconies with Pacific Ocean views.

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