25 marzo, 2023

San Felipe feminicide perpetrator found guilty and sentenced to 43 years in prison


Iván Darío Miranda Granados was sentenced to 43 years in prison for the crime of feminicide, which is a specific type of murder stated in Mexican Criminal Law that classifies some women´s murders as a particularly violent crime, committed by someone who has a personal or family relation with the victim, he was found guilty of having violently murdered his girlfriend, Betsy Guadalupe Romero Lorente, in events that occurred in San Felipe three years ago.

The State Attorney General’s Office in Baja California reported in a press release that the murder happened in January of 2019, when Miranda Granados entered violently to his girlfriend´s mobile home, located in Ejido Plan Nacional Agrario, near the beach area of San Felipe.

At the mobile home, with no apparent reason Miranda began to beat her, seriously injuring her face and head. Then, he covered her nose and mouth with tape and strangled her to death with a blue sweatshirt.

After killing her, he took her body to the port´s Colonia Salinas de Gortari, where he buried her with bags of clothes and some of her documents.

Based on the investigation carried out by agents of the Special Prosecutor’s Office in Crimes against Life and derived from various expert evidence, it was possible to establish the responsibility of Iván Darío, in the death of who was his sentimental partner. In addition, Miranda Granados also stole a KIA Sorento vehicle with irregular license plates, that is, the vehcle was not legally imported form the US to Mexico.

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