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Bisbee’s 2021 East Cape Offshore Shatters 2020 Records with big dollar in prizes, almost 40 years of tradition

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Bisbee’s Black & Blue Tournaments have been taking place in the Los Cabos region of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico for over 30 years. The Bisbee’s are currently producing three tournaments – Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore in Buenavista which takes place each July, and the Los Cabos Offshore Charity Tournament and Black & Blue Marlin Tournament, which take place every October in Cabo San Lucas.

Started in 1981 by Bob Bisbee, the Black & Blue Marlin Tournament has grown from six teams with a purse of $10,000 to more than 150 teams with millions of dollars on the line. In 2006, the Black & Blue had its biggest overall cash payout of $4,165,960. This was, and remains, the largest payout in sport fishing history.

The 22nd East Cape Offshore (BCS, MX) produced by the Bisbee family began this year’s series in a remarkable fashion! The number of teams increased from 72 boats in 2020 to 96 in 2021. As a result, the total jackpot increased to $1,582,975, exceeding last year’s record of $1,100,000 by over 42%.

“The top two 2021 winning teams received more money than the total amount received by all the winners in the 2020 event,” Tournament Director Wayne Bisbee observed. Last year’s total jackpot was $1,100,000, and this year’s largest two payouts was 1st Place Overall $790,712, and Day 1 & Day 2 Jackpots $431,800 for a total of $1,222,512.

Continuing a “quality over quantity” theme again this year, Team Tiger Spirit’s winning fish weighed 597 pounds, the second-largest qualifying marlin ever caught in the 22 years the tournament has been in existence.

Total Team Payout $1,582,975:
1st Place Overall, Team Tiger Spirit, 597-pound Black $790,712.
2nd Place Overall, Buena Fortuna, 478-pound Blue $13,608.
3rd Place Overall, Second Wind, 410-pound Blue $7,506.
Day 1 & Day 2 Jackpots, Keep it Reel, 305-pound Blue $431,800.
1st Place Release, El Suertudo, $58,565.
2nd Place Release, Retriever, $20,272.
3rd Place Release, Vaquero, $11,262.
3 days of Jackpot, Don Julio, Yellowfin Tuna, 105-lb. $122,160.
Day 1 Dorado, Rancheras Guapas, $34,000.
Day 2 Dorado, Veta, $54,160.
Day 3 Dorado, Karma, $34,000.
TOTAL $1,578,100.

The upcoming two Multi-Million-Dollar tournaments are still open for registration.
They are
· Los Cabos Offshore, Los Cabos, BCS, MX, October 14 – 17, 2021,
· Bisbee Black and Blue, Los Cabos, BCS, MX, October 19 – 23, 2021.

Axel Valdez, the owner of the host hotel, BUENA VISTA Oceanfront & Hot Springs Resort, and Clicerio Mercado, Tournament Coordinator for the past 32 years, met with local government officials to ensure that ECO had addressed and adopted the required COVID-19 protocols. As a result, the Bisbee Tournament team has met the demands of the COVID crisis for the second year. In addition, they are an exceptional example of how sport-fishing tournaments should be conducted during this period when everyone is concerned during the worldwide pandemic.

The Bisbee ECO Team has done a professional job of smoothly bringing together these record-breaking 96 teams of anglers competing for the most significant amount of money ever awarded in a single tournament in the East Cape community. They are not only paving the way for promoting tourism, but at the same time, they have implemented rules and protocols that kept everyone safe.

And in doing so, with the assistance of anglers from around the world, the Bisbee events remain the only Trifecta of tournaments with Multi-Million Dollar jackpots in Baja California Sur.

From 10 boats to 96 boats entered in the ECC, founder Bob Bisbee must be smiling! I know the remainder of the Bisbee family sure is.

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