3 diciembre, 2022

Alleged international pedophilia kingpin, Kamel Nacif arrested in Lebanon, masterminded behind attacks against Lydia Cacho, Mexican journalist


A long time has passed since Kamel Nacif Borge, Mexican-Lebanese businessman, known in Puebla as the King of Denim, who had been exposed as one of the main leaders of a pedophilia racket organization, in a book called “The demons of Eden”, written by Mexican Journalist Lydia Cacho and published in 2005.

Exposing the involvement of Mario Marín, Puebla’s governor then and another Lebanese, Jean Succar Kuri, in the pedophilia and children sexual exploitation network, Ms. Cacho sent shockwaves all over the “pedo chain of command” which was directed by Sacca Kuri, but operated by Nacif Borge.

They operated mainly in Cancun, one of Mexico´s most important tourist destination, and they decided to “make an example” of Lydia, they sent Federal Police agents to arrest her and kill her, but somehow she survived and was taken to Puebla on a 20 hour car ride, she was tortured and jailed.

After a series of legal procedures she was freed, Nacif and Kuri had to “vanish” and Governor Marin was tucked under the protection blanket of the Federal Government, but she kept on fighting, until Succar Kuri was arrested and sentenced to 112 years of orison, while Governor Marin received a “suspended sentence”.

The only loose end was the sinister Nacif, who is not only a dreadful character, as media pictures and videos have shown, but he might have been the most dangerous and lethal of the three men involved in Lydia´s attempted murder, torture and illegal imprisonment.

Besides all that, Nacif owns a denim factory in the State of Puebla, where he discharges residual water to Mexican rivers, polluting and causing serious damage to the environment and several rural communities, but he has fallen a pedophile who pollutes the planet and thought he had run away with all his crimes.

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