25 marzo, 2023

A man who escaped a federal prison in the US was arrested in Mexicali and sent back to the States


A man who had run away from a California federal prison, was arrested in Mexicali, where he was trying to escape the Law, he had entered the United States through the Mexicali-Calexico border crossing, with a car loaded with about 170 pounds of crystal meth, but further on the road to Los Angeles, the drug was detected by law enforcement agents, in a high way checkpoint.

Working together, US Marshals and Baja California State Attorney General (FGE), investigated and exchanged intelligence data, they found out where JOSEPH “N” was hiding and carried out a surveillance operation that ended in the wanted man arrest in the western outskirts of Mexicali.

JOSEPH is a 23-year-old man, hailing from Las Vegas, he had crossed the border with 80 kilos (170 pounds) of methamphetamine, he entered Calexico and then at the Highway 86 checkpoint, the drug was found and the suspect was arrested.

He was tried and locked up in a federal prison, but somehow he managed to escape, so an arrest warrant with his name on was issued, investigations by US Marshals pointed out at Mexicali and the probability that he might be hiding there, so American authorities contacted the FGE International Liaison. JOSEPH was located and arrested in Colonia Orizaba, a popular neighborhood, in the west area of Mexicali, once he was arrested and taken to the National Immigration Institute, and, all the paperwork is done with, he will be sent to the USA to “face the music”.

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