26 marzo, 2023

Jealousy and violence, behind Rosarito’s minor brutal murder, suspect detained and arraigned: FGE  


A thirteen-year-old boy, who supposedly left his house for a walk with friends on a weekend in Rosarito, turned up dead in the early hours of Monday, April 26; he was found disfigured and savagely murdered, according to State General Attorney (FGE) sources.

Central Attorney Hiram Sánchez, said in a press conference that investigations led to a house where a man had been arrested in possession of drugs, and that somehow he could be involved in the murder of Brayan Efrén.

His death was caused by severe trauma on head and body; he had been beaten mercilessly and had five deep cuts, in the face mainly. April 29 the FGE announces that there is a suspect detained and arraigned.

According to anonymous sources, the cruel killing could have been caused by some somewhat jealously by a close relative, not a minor, who has had violence and anger management trouble lately. BRANDON ALEXIS “N” is the name of the man arrested and now arraigned for the savage murder. He´ll face trial in jail.

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