4 octubre, 2023

Crystal Meth trafficker and dealer, wanted in the USA, was arrested in Mexicali


A man who had fled the United States was arrested in Mexicali, according to reports from the Baja California State General Attorney (FGE in Spanish), which emphasized the collaboration between Mexican and American authorities, who exchanged intelligence reports in order to search for the fugitive, locate and arrest him.

The man´s name is JOEL CAYETANO “X” and according to the FGE, he hails from Imperial County, California, which comes to show, once again, the successful cooperation between Mexico and the USA when it comes to share criminal intelligence and information, in order to enforce the Law on both sides of the border.

The Attorney office informed that JOEL CAYETANO, 37 years old, who had been arrested in the Mexicali- Calexico border crossing when he was trying to introduce two pounds (one kilo) of crystal meth to the United States, he was arraigned and made bail, but he fled and ran away to Mexico.

The arrest was possible thanks to the liaison office of the US Marshals, who established that JOEL CAYETANO had been detained in November 2020, and they suspected he had entered Mexico when he skipped bail and went to Mexico, so they asked Mexicali, Baja California authorities for help in order to capture the meth trafficker..

Once the paperwork and administrative process was dealt with, he was sent to the USA authorities, so he will go back to jail and will face the Law, for his drug trafficking felony as well as “extra” criminal charges for having tried to evade Justice, so it is most likely that he will spend a few years in jail.

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