28 marzo, 2023

State Attorney identifies two men from the armed commando that attacked Mexicali Valley a week ago

armed commando


The State Attorney has identified at least two people from the armed commando who attacked two homes in two different Mexicali Valley, leaving two men dead, three kidnapped and a woman and a child who were wounded by the shots the group made when 20 armed “sicarios” (killers, goons, etc.), according to Baja California Central Attorney, Hiram Sanchez Zamora who also said that the woman and the child who were wounded, are recovering and out of danger.

He also said that the whereabouts of the three people who were kidnapped, who might have been taken to Sonora, according to some people, but (unfortunately) there is no further information about their location, three people who were relatives of one of the murder victims, who were savagely killed by the heartless murderers.

This crime is, unfortunately, related to the “narcomenudeo” (street drug sales) struggle for turf and selling areas, said Sanchez Zamora, who also said that there is considerable advance in the investigation, there are other “sicarios” from the commando who are also about to be identified by the FGE (State Attorney Office).

“We work to make the Mexicali Valley safer and more secure”, said Sanchez, and explained that they are seeking to implement filters and control to monitor the people entering Mexicali, the Valley and even San Felipe, thus avoiding attacks and violence like the one that happened last week, which left death and desolation in the Chiapas and Colima “ejidos” of the Mexicali Valley.

Tuesday, February 23, in the early hours of a Tuesday, which would turn out to be a tragic day for two families in the Mexicali Valley,the armed comando stroke, killing two men and a woman and a little child, while three others are missing and there´s no information related to their whereabouts.

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