14 agosto, 2022

After two people were killed by an armed commando in Mexicali Valley FGE forms a Special Task Force investigation

Mexicali Valley


In the early hours of Tuesday, February 23, there was a violent assault on residents from ejidos (rural communities) Colima y Chiapas in the Mexicali Valley, there were two people killed, two wounded and three others were kidnapped, according to Mexicali Regional Attorney Pedro Ariel Mendivil, and he informed that the State Attorney´s Office (FGE in Spanish) considers these two events are related.

The State Central Attorney, Hiram Sanchez  gave orders to form a Task Force, with agents from the Mexicali Regional, the Homicide and Narcomenudeo (street level drug trafficking) Special Attorneys, together with the State Guard of Security and Investigations, and open a thorough investigation about the violent events that took place in the Valley.

According to investigation, Mendivil said that it was a convoy, ten vehicles, he did not mention any details just that they were all white cars, and there were at least 20 people with tactical attire, ski masks and assault weapons, who perpetrated the attacks.

Mendivil OFFICCIALLY stated that the people who were kidnapped didn´t have a criminal record, and that this sort of violent events are not common in the Mexicali region, and what happened in the Mexicali Valley was atypical, so it´s most likely that these people are from another region or even other State criminal organizations

He finally said that, in order to avoid the “cockroach effect”, the FGE works in coordination with other police corporations, in surveillance operations (filters) to maintain constant presence in Mexicali points of entry and strategical spots in the Valley as well as in the San Felipe area.

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