3 junio, 2023

400 LSD hits, 100 ecstasy pills and one kilo of weed seized from a Tijuana parcel Company


Among other drugs, there 400 LSD hits seized in Tijuana, where parcel companies are still being used to smuggle drugs, even though Governor Jaime Bonilla has told them to strengthen their security filters to avoid becoming accessories in illegal substance traffic, a problem that has dwindled but not vanished, said Isaias Bertin Sandoval, Technical Secretary of Security.

Besides the lysergic acid, there were other substances seized, among them 20 grams of methamphetamine and a pipe; which were sent from Mexico City, while in Mesa de Otay the LSD and 100 ecstasy pills were concealed inside a shirt while there was a package with 1.3 kilos (about 3 pounds) of marijuana which had been sent from Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

Nevertheless, the Company argues that it´s the users who send the drugs, avoiding all responsibility and/or accountability in the matter, but Governor Bonilla has repeatedly said that they have to set up efficient security filters in order to stop the drug flow towards Tijuana.LSD

The problem, though, is not a Tijuana exclusive issue; it has been pointed out as a national situation, which has caused Mexico’s Federal Government to remark the relevance of the problem, which, according to the Central Government, must be taken care of a soon as possible.

“Even when it is an actual problem, the seized amounts of illegal drugs are becoming less and less each time, they yield other problems, such as murder, kidnapping, violence, etcetera”, said Sandoval.



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