3 junio, 2023

Despite quarantine and COVID-19 pandemics Americans flee to Los Cabos and other Mexican destinations

Picture: https://pixabay.com/es/users/jeshoots-com-264599/

Los Cabos is one of Mexico´s most important vacation spots, with first class luxurious resorts that attract the rich and famous from all over the world, and its hotel occupation though still low, has been growing at a 15% average since last September, when occupancy grew 17% in Cabo San Lucas for October, even though the comparison with October 2019 shows a decrease of 36.4%, reminding us of the crisis, but showing improvement.

According to figures and information issued by FITURCA (Los Cabos Tourism Council) in October 2020 there were 160 thousand 650 passengers arriving to Los Cabos, 68 thousand 400 arrived in domestic flights and 92 thousand 250 passengers got to Los Cabos in International flights, those figures are 20% less than October 2020.

However, other figures, as those of November 2020, show that there were half a million Americans arriving to several tourist destinations in Mexico, a fact that raises expectations for Mexican tourist servers and workers, and if everything evolves positively regarding the COVID-19 pandemics; the tourist flow to Mexico may grow and even reach 2019 levels.

Some States, as California are almost totally shut down due to the quarantine caused by the COVID 19 pandemics, estimations show that about half a million Americans travelled to Mexico last November as the figures for December are not available yet, and even though the tourists flow is low compared to pre-coronavirus days, it seems they are escaping lock down traveling to Mexico.

For some medical specialists it is a shame that people rather go to Mexico to evade the pandemics protocols, and according to some of them “have a cool time” instead of staying at home, depressed and afraid of the virus, locked down and isolated in the quarantine.

Are they risking their lives? They  are, since Mexico is far from getting over the Coronavirus, vaccines are starting to arrive but about 30% of Mexico´s states, are in red light, sanitary speaking, most of the others are orange and yellow, as of January 5, l 2020, 128 thousand 822 Mexicans have died from Coronavirus, but economy has been seriously affected and merchants and touristic servers are desperate for a “reactivation” of the country´s economy.

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