29 mayo, 2023

CETYS Campus Mexicali student will do an internship in Apple Park´s Acoustics team in Cupertino, California


The multidisciplinary vision of her training and desire to continue learning and the intention of being an inspiration for others, motivated Karla Sofía Naranjo, a Mechanical Engineering student at CETYS University Campus Mexicali,  to apply and obtain the internship as Engineering Program Manager within the Acoustics team at Apple Park Cupertino.

She is Mexican, but she was born in the United States, she masters four languages, including Spanish and English, she is a member of various representative teams of her alma mater and has had the opportunity to live an academic exchange in Asia.CETYS

During the first semester of 2021, she will live the internship period as in charge of a multicultural team and of various disciplines at the headquarters of Apple Inc. located in Silicon Valley, an area established in California, United States, which stands out for hosting companies with greater impact in the field of technology and engineering, most innovative today.

To obtain what, without a doubt, is one of her main student achievements, the young woman filled out an application to which she attached her curriculum vitae, and subsequently attended a series of interviews, adhering to the guidelines that the world-class company requires from the people interested in joining their ranks.

“Leadership skills, ease of speech, ability to adapt to different cultures and engineering knowledge, all these are tools that I have obtained and improved thanks to my student training at CETYS University that undoubtedly helped me achieve this opportunity.”

Due to the sanitary restrictions required by the pandemic, the beginning of this experience for Karla will be remote, via the internet, and as the corresponding authorities in both countries authorize it, the boarding school will migrate to face-to-face. “It is estimated that during my internship if the health contingency situation makes it viable, I will be able to physically go to the company’s Cupertino headquarters to have a complete experience,” she said.

Inspired by the confidence and drive that her teachers and loved ones express about her, Karla Sofía has high expectations of this opportunity, from which she hopes to nurture herself to continue following her dreams.

“I know that this internship where I will carry out my professional internships will mark the beginning of my career as a professional and will be a reference for my future, I am very excited to start now and learn as much as possible,” she concluded.



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