3 junio, 2023

Mexicali City Hall promotes adoption of animals from the Municipal Animal Control shelter


In order to promote responsible pet ownership, avoid the proliferation of dogs and cats on public roads, through the “To Adopt is to Love” program, the Municipal Government is inviting people form Mexicali to adopt the pets that are currently at the Municipal Animal Control Center (CMCA).

Rubén Pérez Brambila, Coordinator of this program, indicated that the “To Adopt is to Love” program, Mexicali families give a new opportunity to the animals that are confined in the Animal Control Center, preventing them from being slaughtered.

He added that due to the health contingency due to COVID-19, families who wish to adopt will receive their pet at their home, free of charge, duly dewormed, sterilized and vaccinated.

The municipal official indicated that, to adopt a dog or cat, it is necessary to comply with the technical standards set out in the animal control regulations, in addition to signing an adoption certificate through which the new owner undertakes to care for and attend to your pet.

Pérez Brambila, Coordinator of this program, mentioned that to adopt a pet, those interested only have to send a message to the Facebook page Animal Control Center or dial 686 563 4431 and 686 563 45 42.

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