3 octubre, 2023

CETYS University professor advises to invest 2020 Christmas bonus wisely


With the beginning of the last month of the year, Christmas Eve arrives and the holidays are the best time to think about how to use the arrival of extra income. On December dates, expenses are higher compared to the rest of the year, so it is best to plan in advance how the extra income from this workers’ compensation will be distributed.

Receiving this additional income causes joy and relief, not only because it is an active product of work, but also because it makes it easier for us to meet needs, tastes and priorities, for a time when many expenses lie ahead.

Professor Enrique Luna Gutiérrez, coordinator of the Degree in International Public Accountant at CETYS University Campus Mexicali, issued the following tips so that you can make the most of your Christmas bonus:

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Plan what you will use it for:

Try not to fall into panic purchases due to the euphoria in this holiday season, mainly due to the uncertainty of the economic situation that has generated the health emergency. In addition, in order to respect health protocols, choose to plan expenses and as far as possible migrate your purchases to online mode.

Acquire some type of insurance:

The pandemic has taught us the importance of acquiring medical expenses insurance that gives us the certainty of being able to face the expenses derived from the treatment against diseases such as COVID-19 for us and our families.

It is a good time to save:

If due to the health contingency you find yourself working in Home Office mode, take advantage of this opportunity to reduce expenses, such as relocation and start or strengthen your emergency fund.

Invest it:

Currently there are so many options to invest your money and make it as profitable as possible, the important thing is that you find one that meets your needs, these can be: Bonds, purchase of shares, investment fund, etc.

Expand and diversify your resume:

Currently, there is a wide offer of online language courses, workshops, diplomas, postgraduate courses, which you can take even in institutions that are on another continent. It is always a good time to continue learning and stay as updated as possible, this will give you a competitive advantage in your professional practice.

Luna Gutiérrez, expressed that, all workers, who are under the form of wages and salaries, by law will have to receive the benefit of the bonus no later than December 20, regardless of whether they are a base employee, trusted, hired by work or specific time, in accordance with art. 87 of the Federal Labor Law.

“The bonus is a benefit that gives us extra income that can be used in personal projects in the medium or long term.” the academic concluded.


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