1 abril, 2023

98 kidnapped immigrants rescued by the Tecate Regional Attorney from hotel in El Hongo


Simultaneous Sting operations carried out by the Tecate Regional Attorney, managed to rescue 98 immigrants who were locked up in a motel in El Hongo, in Tecate, there was also crystal methamphetamine seized, according to a press release by the State General Attorney (FGE).

Everything began when a man, identified as JOSE ALFREDO “X”, was arrested in possession of two doses of marihuana and meth, so the Public Ministry Agent requested a search warrant for the El Hongo motel, located in Luis Echeverría section of El Hongo town.

Thursday November 27 in the afternoon, agents from the Tecate Regional Attorney Office and form the State Investigation Agency executed the search warrant and they arrested the front desk clerk, a woman identified as DOLORES “X” as well as a man named JUAN “X” a.k.a. “El Tello”, and agents found crystal meth packages on the site.el hongo

During the search operation, there were 84 people who wanted to cross to the USA as illegal immigrants, who told authorities that they were waiting to be taken to “the other side” and they were waiting for “El Tello” to take them and cross the border.

At the same time there was another search carried out in another motel, on Fourth Street and Vicente Guerrero Avenue in the same town (El Hongo) where EVELIA “X” (36 years old), who was in charge of the front desk, was arrested because there were crystal meth packages found there too.

In that location, there were 14 people rescued, who were also waiting to be taken to cross the border to the US, this second action was the follow up to MARTIN RENE “X” detention who was also found in possession of meth, and the investigation led the law enforcement agents to the second hotel.

Both hotels were secured and closed, and the arrested were taken to the Tecate Regional Attorney facilities and it is expected for them to appear in court in a couple of days.



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