23 septiembre, 2023

Man wanted for methamphetamine traffic in Los Angeles was arrested in Mexicali by the State Guard


A man who was wanted in the USA for methamphetamine traffic, who came to Mexican territory running away from Los Angeles, where he had an outstanding arrest warrant, was arrested in Mexicali, after the State Guard of the General Attorney of Baja California (FGE), in a joint effort with American law enforcement agencies, according to a press release form the FGE.

Crystal Meth is one of the most dangerous and addictive drugs

After receiving the request from American authorities to work together in order to arrest the man who, according to intelligence and information gathered by the US authorities, the man had fled and he was suspected to be hiding in Mexicali, he had the arrest warrant for methamphetamine trafficking.

ALEJANDRO “X”, a 24 year old man, hailing from Brawley, California has made methamphetamine smuggling and selling his job, crossed the border and escaped to Mexicali and according to American law enforcement agencies he was probably hiding in a house in “la Diana” (a section of Mexicali) between Fuente de Medusa and Fuente de Venus streets in Colonia Voluntad.

With that information at hand, the State Guard of Investigation and Security (GESI) of the FGE, moved on the area and finally detained ALJENDRO “X” and once the paperwork and other legal requirements are carried out, GESI agents delivered the man to the National Immigration Institute (INM) so he can be sent to the USA and tried for methamphetamine traffic.



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