23 septiembre, 2023

COVID19 active cases amount is growing dangerously in Baja California: Health Secretary Oscar Perez Rico


The trend of COVID19 active cases in Baja California is increasing, a considerable amount this month, especially in recent weeks, that is why the reiterative call to the population to take care of themselves and maintain the sanitary measures that the State Government, through of the Ministry of Health, Alonso Oscar Pérez Rico, has promoted since the beginning of the pandemic.

active cases
Baja California secretary of Health, Oscar Alonso Perez Rico, said that COVID9 active cases are rising in an alarming manner all over the State, it´s the so called “second wave”

When referring to the trend of active cases, specifically in the cities of the State with the largest number of population, the Secretary of Health, Alonso Pérez Rico, explained that in Tijuana and Ensenada it remains “low”, but in Mexicali there is an exponential increase in comparison to its sister cities.

“We are in ‘orange’ coloration, if we continue to increase active cases, the only thing that will happen is that there will be more cases in fever clinics, hospitalized and intubated; if we continue with this trend we can go to ‘red’ … We have to stabilize the curve” He warned, when presenting the daily report of the Covid Strategy, in the live broadcast of Governor Jaime Bonilla Valdez.

“We need to keep the activities open, there is no truce, the Ministry of Health will apply the ‘simulated user’ scheme and whoever does not comply (the protocol for the activities opened) there will be sanctions, specifically closures. It is time to take care of ourselves and Baja California” , said.

Pérez Rico reported that on this occasion Baja California reported 7 new patients who lost the battle and 112 new cases by PCR that tested positive for the pathogen and that in relation to people under automated mechanical ventilation, there are 96 in this condition, a month ago there were 59 .




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