4 octubre, 2023

Ambulance donated to San Felipe community by Congressman Juan Manuel Molina (MORENA)


San Felipe beachfront was the stage where Congressman Juan Manuel Molina, delivered an ambulance, which he donated to the port´s community, where residents of several parts of town and neighbor committees, such as the one named “Mountain and Sea”, who thanked the lawmaker for his donation, that comes to fulfill his campaign promises about giving more attention to San Felipe.

The ambulance, no doubt, will help save lives and provide medical attention to people in car accidents and other emergencies that might surge in San Felipe, where there is not enough medical equipment for those kinds of cases, the ambulance is utterly equipped and he said that this donation was possible thanks to “San Felipe Despierta A.C.” an NGO with the support of “Brigadas del Sol” rescue group.

Mr. Molina also said that he is satisfied to keep working seeking to improve conditions and meet the community necessities, and reminded the public gathered there that there are support programs for the community, and said that, as of Saturday October 9th, the State Official Journal published the invitation for the Plebiscite to make San Felipe the a Municipality, since it has always depended on the Municipality of Mexicali, which will take place on December 13 of 2020.

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