24 marzo, 2023

“Narcolab” was located and shut down by the State Guard near Guadalupe valley


At about 10:30 in the morning, September 18, in the kilometer 63 of the road to the Wine Route of the valley of Guadalupe, agents of the State Guard of Security and Investigation, located and closed down a crystal meth laboratory, according to a press release by the General State Attorney’s office.

They found chemical materials and containers used in the elaboration of the drug known as ICE (methamphetamine), in coordinates   32.168607, -116.471377, besides that, they also found eight water tanks of one thousand liters (about 265 gallons); two wooden boxes with a thousand kilos (about 2 thousand 100 pounds) of sodium cyanide, nine empty bathtubs, some them containing a little water and thirteen tubs with a brown and white colored substance, seemingly methamphetamine in the intermediate stage of preparation.

There were also 47 barrels of ethylic alcohol, 20 barrels containing hydrochloric acid, 21 one containers with a reddish brown substance; 18 more containers with butyric acid; five green acetone containers, 77 gas tanks and three empty acetone containers.

Among other materials there were also 39 bags containing sodium hydroxide; 180 bags with a white substance; three metallic craft distillers; 14 rolls of ceiling net; and diverse laboratory materials and equipment; one electricity generator; one Ford Superduty truck and two residue depositories.  

With this operation, the State Attorney weakens the criminal structures due to the fact that this blow against the Meth manufacture racket will slow the production and distribution of a considerable amount of the synthetic drug in Baja California.

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