9 diciembre, 2023

Mexicali and Tijuana gas stations fined with 51 million pesos for disloyal “monopoly kind” commercial practice


Handling the prices in order to control the market was considered to be a normal practice by several gasoline outlets in Tijuana and Mexicali, where gas station owners form several companies, manipulated prices, operating together in a trust operation of sorts, something that’s illegal and constitutes an attempt to create a monopoly.

In Mexicali, DAGAL Gas Stations owner, Guillermo Galván Sariñana refused to answer questions about this serious issue, even when his company has been pointed at as one of the participants in this dirty deal, where the National Economic Competition Commission (COFECE) has fined DAGAL and several other fuel selling outlet companies with a grand total of 51 million pesos about 2.5 million dollars.

Galván Sariñana said that his staff is reviewing the information, even though there is not much to check upon, COFECE has determined the fines, and there are two paths: Pay the fine, or appeal the commission’s decision, but the fuel entrepreneur preferred to keep silence about this shameful issue which, once again, comes to show that the so called “social responsible” businessmen of Mexicali are only a charade, they value profit over any other thing, even their employees wellbeing.

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