10 diciembre, 2023

Polluted water discharges to Imperial Beach have stopped, said Governor Bonilla


“The issue of contamination of the Imperial Beach Beaches has been an issue that has generated friction between the two countries, never before has it focused on this problem as we promised during the campaign; and when investments were made, the cleaning of the Tijuana River canal and the same (North American) authorities recognized it, a note with political overtones came out, boasting that the problem has not been solved,” said Governor Jaime Bonilla Valdez.

He urged the head of the Water Protection Department (SEPROA), Salomón Faz Apodaca, and the Technical Undersecretary, Rigoberto Laborín Valdez, to respond to the comments of Mayor Serge Dedina, of Imperial Beach, California regarding the allegedly polluted water discharge from theTijuana River.

The amount of water that crossed the channel of the pilot channel (Tijuana River), was 1,310 liters per second (l / s), with the cleaning of the Tijuana River channel, it is 1,000 liters per second (l / s); the PBCila plant, rebuilt in its entirety, has a greater capacity, with 1,500 liters per second, said Salomón Faz Apodaca,.

HE also mentioned that, at this time, there are no more discharges to the sea, and a program was implemented in four slopes: permanent cleaning of the Tijuana River, Coastal Collector projects, installation of pumps and a contract with a private company for the maintenance of the PBCila treatment plant.

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