30 mayo, 2023

Home surveillance video enabled Mexicali Police to arrest three people who allegedely set a 16 year old girl on fire


The surveillance camera of a house in Fraccionamiento Condesa in Mexicali, as key in the arrest of three alleged murderers, who had set on fire the body of a sixteen year old girl, first they had beaten and cut her, killing her and then took the corpse to a private housing and threw the body over a wall and then set her on fire.

Mexicali Coroner, Cesar Gonzalez, informed that the girl was burnt on 45% of her body; however, she had already died due to the beating and attack with a sharp weapon, so when the alleged perpetrators tried to burn her, she was dead.

José “N” de 25 yrs. old, Kevin Jesús “N” de 18 yrs. old y Teresa Michelle “N”, de 23 yrs. Old, had allegedly been recorded by the video camera on a Condesa Resident, who told the police she had seen three people arriving and set the body on fire, it was wrapped in a blanket, she noticed they had thrown the bundle over the perimeter wall, and then they entered the private street and set the dead girl on fire.  

About an hour later, the three detained were spotted by the police very near the site of the nefarious events, the officials searched them but found nothing illegal, but they description matched the images on the video so they were arrested and they will have to appear before a judge in order to start the process and arraign them.

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