8 diciembre, 2023

Alert in Los Cabos beaches, whitetip reef sharks sightings reported last week: Civil Protection director, Erick Santillán


People — bathers in particular — should keep an eye out for sharks in Los Cabos, warns the director of the local office of the Civil Protection agency.

A scuba diver filmed a group of eight whitetip reef sharks, which are small and not normally aggressive toward humans, some 50 meters off the coast of El Chileno beach in Los Cabos early last week, but the beach was not closed. 

Erick Santillán said fishermen have reported seeing sharks off La Ribera, La Playa and Chileno and advised that with the decline of human activity on the area’s beaches, marine life has broadened its natural habitat.

After a shark stole part of a fisherman’s catch, officials in the community of La Playa near San Jos del Cabo decided to close the beach to fishermen and bathers for several hours on Saturday.

Officials were alerted to the possible presence of a shark inside the community’s marina at Puerto Los Cabos after a man fishing from shore reported that a shark ate nearly half of a fish he had hooked. 

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