7 febrero, 2023

An FBI wanted fugitive was arrested in Mexicali by the State Guard of Baja California Attorney´s Office


He´s an American citizen who had been wanted by the FBI for about 15 years, was arrested in Mexicali´s Condesa section, in a joint effort with Mexico´s immigration authorities and Baja California State Guard (GESI), who detained REYES RUVALCABA, a 54 year old from Modesto, California, who had fled to Mexicali after trying to murder his ex-wife, an arrest warrant had been issued by Stanislaus County Superior Court for attempted murder.  

It was April 10, 2005, in a parking lot on 301 Stanford Ave, the woman got there to pick up her children, when suddenly RUVALCABA surprised her and shot her in the stomach and the head four times, he escaped and as of April 13th there was an arrest warrant issued by the Superior Court of Stanislaus County in California, for attempted murder case number MPD 05-36599, he might have thought he would never be found, fifteen years had passed.

Baja California State Attorney´s office said in a press release that the arrest was possible due to the joint effort of the FBI, the National Immigration Institute and GESI´s International Liaison office, exchanging information and achieving to locate and secure RUVALCABA, who will have to «face the music» in and American Court, after 15 years «on the run».

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