4 octubre, 2023

Statement by Dr. Arnold Baskies on WHO Aspartame Reports


Dr. Arnold Baskies, past Chairman of the National Board of Directors of the American Cancer Society, National Cancer Institute (NCI) Fellowship-Trained Surgical Oncologist, and a member of the Coalition for Safe Food and Beverage Choices Expert Advisory Committee released the following statement after the WHO Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives’ (JECFA) review of aspartame: “The WHO Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives’ (JECFA) review says that aspartame is safe for human consumption. JECFA is the authoritative international agency when it comes to food safety.

The FDA relies on JECFA’s assessments as part of its process to determine not only what is safe to consume, but also what quantity. The American people should have confidence in their food and beverage choices because JECFA is the WHO agency that measures risk to humans from ingredients.”

“It is irresponsible to needlessly scare or confuse people. If there was any cause for concern, they would have adjusted the current Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI).”

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has affirmed and reaffirmed aspartame’s safety in six comprehensive reviews. JECFA’s current review lends further credence to this consensus and should be considered authoritative.”

The Coalition for Safe Food & Beverage Choices represents organizations from agriculture, business, consumer, labor, multicultural advocacy, and public health groups who believe Americans should know who to trust when making safe choices about their family’s diets.

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