10 diciembre, 2023

Teqball USA Secures Year 2 Programming Agreement with ESPN


Teqball USA, the fastest growing global soccer-based sport, is thrilled to announce an extended rights agreement with ESPN to carry 15 live events, along with eight recap shows across ESPN2, ESPNU and ESPN3, for the second consecutive year.

After successfully collaborating during 2022, Teqball has renewed its rights agreement with ESPN, increasing the deal to 15 live events, up from 12 included in the 2022 deal. Due to continued growth of the sport, increased fans and engagement across the country, viewers will now have even more chances to enjoy watching the captivating sport.

In addition, 4 Teqvoly tournaments have been added to the streaming lineup. Teqvoly is the newest sport to be launched under the Teq umbrella.

As volleyball is one of the most popular sports to watch and play across the globe, adding it as an option for Teq players, is an obvious next step in the growth of the sport and its popular curved table. Teqvoly tournaments will now be showcased at all Teqball tournaments. For ways to get involved and to sign up for a league, please see: https://www.teqball.com/#sports.

All events will stream on ESPN3 with 4 selected tournaments featured on ESPN2 and 4 on ESPNU. The rights agreement will run through December 2023. The first event will premiere in May. For programming details in your area please check FiTEQ.org.

“As Teqball continues to grow in popularity across the globe, we are thrilled to give fans – new and current – coverage of the tournaments across ESPN platforms,” said Ajay Nwosu, President of the US National Teqball Federation and CEO of Teqball USA. “We are delighted to continue working with ESPN to showcase the best players in the world, to enable fans nationwide to tune in to our tournaments and introduce our newest sport, Teqvoly, to the ESPN audience.”

All fifteen tournaments will stream on ESPN3, highlighted by:

  • May 19-21 – Los Angeles (Teqball only)
  • June 9-11 – Los Angeles (Teqball only)
  • July 14-16 – Los Angeles (Teqvoly and Teqball)
  • September 29 – October 1 – Los Angeles (Teqvoly and Teqball)
  • October 13-15 – Miami (Teqball only)
  • November 10-12 – Los Angeles (Teqball only)
  • December 15-17 – Los Angeles (Teqball only)

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