29 mayo, 2023

Work less, learn more: Florida Poly’s affordability reduces hours students must work


The burden of paying for a quality college education is much lower for Florida Polytechnic University students than for those attending many other universities in the country.

The author of a report by My eLearning World, an online education resource, said Florida Poly students work about 77% fewer hours than the average American college student at minimum wage to pay for a year of tuition and fees at a public university.

According to the report, the average American college student must work an average 2,022 hours annually – or 39 hours per week – at minimum wage to pay for a year of tuition and fees at a public university. That number increases to about 4,646 hours annually at a private institution.

In contrast, Scott Winstead, founder and editor of My eLearning World, said Florida Poly students would have to work 449 hours annually – or nine hours per week – to pay for a year of school at minimum wage. That’s only about 23% of the national average for those attending a public institution.

“Annual tuition at Florida Poly is certainly very affordable, even for those at a minimum wage job,” Winstead said. “For Florida Poly students, this means they won’t have to stress as much about working long hours or taking out huge loans to pay for school, whereas if they attended other Florida-area colleges, they would have to work 77% more hours on average to pay for school.”

The cost of tuition and fees at Florida Poly for undergraduate Florida residents is $4,940 annually. This is compared to an average of $6,370 for in-state students in Florida, and $10,940 nationally, according to the report. The University was ranked No. 7 nationally in cost and financing in October 2022 by WalletHub.

Additionally, more than 85% of Florida Poly students receive aid from the University, bringing student costs down even more.

“As the No. 1 public college in the region, Florida Poly is delighted to be able to offer students such a strong hands-on engineering and applied sciences curriculum at an affordable price,” said Dr. Randy K. Avent, Florida Poly’s president.

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