4 junio, 2023

Girl who was being kidnapped, throws herself from a car a frustrates the attempt


An attempt to kidnap a 12 year old girl, was frusrated when she threw herself out of a car, driven by the man who was trying to abduct her from a Mexicali street, in broad day light, thus impeding her kidnapping by a man who was later arrested and will be tried for the crime, which in Mexico is technically called “Illegal deprivation of a person´s liberty”.

According to an FGE (State Attorney Office) press release, on April 5, at Montenegro and Potrero del Llano streets in Rancho La Bodega section of Mexicali, a man, who was later identified as Carlos Alberto “N”, was driving a Nissan, when he stopped to greet the girl who was walking on the streets with a friend.

A 12-year-old girl, would later become Carlos Alberto´s intended victim, was walking on the street with a friend, suddenly they were approached by a man, who had the intention to kidnap them, at least one of them, according to the FGE.

Carlos Alberto told them he was: “The person who was going to give them a ride the other day”, a very vague statement but the two girls naively opened the rear passenger door, right in that moment, the man pulled one of them by the blouse and tried to take her into the vehicle, stepping on the gas attempting to get away from the place.

Reacting without thinking the matter twice, the girl threw herself to the street from the car, hur6ing her forearm, cheekbone, left hand, both knees and back but she was safe from an individual who may have had the worst intentions towards her.

She was helped by passersby who witnessed the incident; taking advantage of the confusion, Carlos Alberto fled from the scene, only to be arrested later, and now he will have to “face the music” in Court.

Therefore, FGE’s Mexicali Regional Office, through the Investigation Unit for Crimes against Persons and their Liberty, arraigned Carlos Alberto, charged with illegal “deprivation of personal liberty” aggravated since the victim was a minor, an attempted crime execution, according to the FGE press release.

At the hearing, the Judge considered that the evidence provided against Carlos Alberto “N” was enough to grant the imprisonment precautionary measure during the three months that the complementary investigation will last.

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