28 marzo, 2023

BEDGEAR Foundation Partners with North Outpost Charitable Fund and Help Ukraine Center to Donate Sleeping Bags


 In response to the war in Ukraine, the BEDGEAR FoundationBEDGEAR’s registered 501(c)3 arm, has partnered with North Outpost Charitable Fund and Help Ukraine Center to provide about 400 sleeping bags to areas near the war front in Sumy, Chernigov and Kharkov.

BEDGEAR Foundation donated sleeping bags to the Help Ukraine Center, which distributed them to two humanitarian centers, one in Sumy, north Ukraine, and the other in Boryspil, central Ukraine. Both centers care for displaced refugees and territorial defense soldiers and have helped more than 2,000 refugees from the northern and eastern regions of Ukraine. Help Ukraine Center also distributed sleeping bags to two military units based on the border with Russia. These centers help the military by preparing food, weaving camouflage nets and sewing clothes.

“Humanitarian is one of BEDGEAR’s core values and part of BEDGEAR Foundation’s mission is to build world peace through commerce,” said Shana Rocheleau, BEDGEAR’s EVP of Strategy, who was personally committed in securing the sleeping bags. “We are deeply saddened by the devastating effects on the Ukrainian people. However, we are grateful to be given the opportunity to help in any small way.”

In letter addressed to Rocheleau and BEDGEAR, “The team of the Charitable Fund North Outpost express deep gratitude to BEDGEAR (USA) for the assistance and comprehensive support of the Ukrainian people and in particular refugees and Armed Forces of Ukraine,” stated Anton Gnidenko, Head of the Charitable Fund. “Thank you for your support and cooperation in the most difficult times for Ukraine!”

Over the years, the BEDGEAR Foundation has helped tremendously with the American Cancer Society, Covid-19 and natural disaster recovery efforts, including Hurricane Harvey in Texas, Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico as well as the wildfires that devastated the Northern California counties. 

As the winter months take their toll, the people of Ukraine are without electricity and boilers as well as hospitals, shops, pharmacies and water supply systems. Ukrainians need warm clothes, blankets and other means of heating. The BEDGEAR Foundation is accepting monetary donations on behalf of the North Outpost Charitable Fund and Help Ukraine Center.

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