26 marzo, 2023

College Admission Software Identifies, Predicts, and Enhances Admission Opportunities at Top US Colleges


College admission is on the threshold of major change. So says education industry expert Neil Chyten, as he prepares to release phase one of his Avalon College Connector software (avaloncollegeconnector.com. According to Chyten, founder of Avalon Admission, the field of college candidates is now mixed between those who do and do not submit SAT or ACT scores. The result is that competition has intensified, and alternative admission factors have increased in importance. “This is exactly why I built the Avalon College Connector, which uses 29 factors to identify, predict, and enhance the likelihood of success at America’s top colleges.” According to Chyten, “The Avalon College Connector is the most detailed and accurate predictor of success at America’s top colleges, and Avalon is pleased to give it away 100% for free.”

“This is amazing,” said one student recently while at the Avalon Admission located in Newton Centre, Massachusetts. “Now I know how close I am to getting into my dream school, UPenn!”

At Avalon, top US college admission begins with students filling out the Avalon College Connector surveys. The first survey is very brief, taking only five minutes, and leads to an initial college list based mainly on personal preferences. The second, called the Avalon Success Predictor, is far more detailed and leads to a calculation of likely admission success at 100 top colleges based on 22 additional factors.

“From there,” says Chyten, “students get their own individualized plan for success. We know what top colleges are looking for, and create personalized plans based on that knowledge.” If history portends the future, Avalon students will be hugely successful. Over more than 38 years in the industry, more than 3000 students from Chyten’s companies have received admission offers from Ivy League and other top US and International colleges such as Williams, MIT, Duke, Stanford, Northwestern, Oxford, McGill, U Toronto, and many others.   

But why the name? Why Avalon? “I chose the name ‘Avalon’ because it represents a place where miracles happen. I am fortunate that in my work as an education entrepreneur and counselor, I have seen thousands of miracles happen.” But Chyten says that in this modern world, unlike the Arthurian world of Avalon, Avalon will draw on solid data, statistics, and multi-level strategies, rather than miracles, to ensure the success of his students.

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