4 octubre, 2023

Two bronze medals grabbed by Mexicali athletes in Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games: Archery and weight lifting


Two competitors from Baja California state team, who train and live in Mexicali´s sport city facilities won bronze medals in Tokyo Olympiad, Luis “Abuelo” (grandpa) Alvarez Murillo was born in Mexicali and won the bronze medals in the mixed team archery competition, with teammate Alejandra Valencia, from Sonora, he had won a fourth place in London 2012 and was absent in the 2016 Olympics.

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The other bronze medal was won by Aremi Fuentes who won the weightlifting bronze medal in the 76 kilos category (about 167 pounds), who was born in Tonalá in Chiapas a state in Mexico’s deep south, but has been living and training in Mexicali for about a decade, and has been a very valuable asset for Baja California team for the last few years.

Mexico has won 3 bronze medals, no silver or gold yet, that is 66% of the medals won by the country have been obtained by Mexicali athletes, not to mention Alexa Moreno, the Mexicali gymnast who obtained the fourth place in the women´s vault competition, “scratching” the bronze medal, even though she didn´t win a medal, it is a Historic result for Mexico’s gymnastics.

In fact it´s a five medal win, since two of them were won in team competitions, archery and synchronized diving where Gabriela Agundez and Alejandra Orozco won the bronze medal, and then they were 4rd and 6th respectively in the 10 meter platform individual competition.

Gabriela Agundez and Alejandra Orozco

The 20 and 50 walk kilometers competitions have always meant a chance for Mexican medals, but Mexico´s 20 kilometer athletes finished far away from the podium, and the 50 kilometers will take place  on Friday August 6, but it will be very difficult for Mexico to harvest a medal there, but in sports nothing is written and many times underdogs make history.

There are very few chances for Mexico to win more medals, Mexico´s soccer team will face Japan In the game for the bronze medal, and it seems it is going to be a real difficult match for Mexico, but Mexicali is very proud of having sent those three athletes to the Tokyo Olympics.

Mexican Athletes who competed or are about to participate in Tokyo 2021 Olympics, so far there have been 3 bronze medals for the Aztec competitors

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