3 diciembre, 2022

“El Rodilla”, alleged murderer, arrested in Mexicali after shootout with Homicide detectives: Commissioner Flores


Brayan Fernando “X”, a.k.a. “El Rodilla” (The knee), was arrested after a shootout against State Guard´s Homicide detectives in Mexicali west side, he allegedly committed five homicides in the last couple of weeks, and he has a whale of a rap sheet, according to information provided by Carlos Flores, Commissioner of the Security and Investigation State Guard (GESI in Spanish) of Baja California, in a press conference last Thursday. 

Floes explained that El Rodilla was mentioned in five-homicide investigation, all of which occurred within the last couple of weeks, and when the homicide detectives were investigating an address in the southwestern section of Mexicali, when Brayan Fernando spotted the agents and opened fire on them, so they fired back and shot him in both arms.

The alleged murderer was picked by an ambulance at the scene and is in the hospital, under police surveillance, and he is expected to leave the hospital to face these and several other charges, said Mr. Flores and explained that the GESO is working closely with the State Attorney, since there are several other investigations on which his named has been mentioned.

 Commissioner Flores also explained that El Rodilla has been in jail in 2017 and 2018 for carjacking, assault and battery, and in 2013 did time for drug related felonies, and he reiterated that the name has come up in several investigations involving kidnapping, breaking an entry, violent robbery among others, but as of right now the 5 homicides stand out in his nefarious criminal background.

He is expected to be out of the hospital soon, so the State Attorney can take him to the imputation and arraignment hearings, for the five homicide charges, which he perpetrated in a two week killing spree, but there could be a whole lot of other charges that he most likely will have to face, as the other investigations advance, said Flores.

Commissioner Flores said that in the first semester of 2021, two hundred thirty three warrants for murder have been executed, well above the 175 of 2020, “this is solid proof of the hard work and outstanding performance of the Homicide Department of the GESI”.

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