30 mayo, 2023

“There´s no migratory crisis in Tijuana, we’re Immigrants sanctuary”: Governor Bonilla to Secretary Olga Sanchez C.


“Baja California is considered to be a sanctuary for immigrants, be them Mexican or not, it´s a land of opportunity for those seeking for a better future”, said Baja California Governor, Jaime Bonilla, to the secretary of the Interior, Olga Sanchez Cordero, during her visit to Tijuana to the Supervision and Assessment Meeting of the National Immigration Institute, which depends on the office of Ms. Sanchez Cordero.

“It is an honor to host Secretary Sanchez Cordero, who has supported not only Baja California, but the whole country, Baja California has grown on the foundation of immigration”, said Bonilla a remarked that he is the offspring of a marriage of two immigrants, who were looking for a better quality of life and opportunities for their children,

He said that “. . . this State receives immigrants, we look after them and we love them . . .”, and he is against the use of the term “caravan” and would rather call them “exodus of people aiming to enhance their quality of life”.

He mentioned that many people arrive to Baja California, intending to cross to the USA, but they find a wall, resistance and rejection in Tijuana so they try to cross thru the desert, where many of them have perished trying to reach the so-called American Dream, but most of those who stay in Baja, find jobs and a better life than the one they had in their hometown..

Secretary Sanchez Cordero thanked her host and said that  “ . . .your Administration, though too short, has been intense, productive, given to humanism for al Baja California residents . . .”, she also said that “ . . .Lopez Obrador will be remembered as one of the best Presidents Mexican has ever had . . .”

Francisco Garduño, Commissioner of the National Immigration Institute said: “There have been 32 meetings all over the country, it has been an exhaustive task all over Mexico, and we have reviewed and assessed quality standards in 612 INM facilities all over the country”.

The Institute is key to maintain a secure, regulated and ordained immigration flow, he said, always with a humanistic approach, totally respecting human rights, always acting in benefit of vulnerable groups, said Garduño.

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