10 diciembre, 2023

Hearse bursts in flames on Mexicali-Tijuana highway, car and casket burned, driver unharmed


For causes that haven´t been determined yet, a hearse suddenly burst in flames on the road to the cemetery, on Mexicali-Tijuana highway, according to a report from Mexicali Fire Department, the car was in flames when the firefighters arrived, as shown on the picture.

It was a 2007 Chevrolet, and according to Mexicali Fire Department, it all happened at about 6:15 Thursday afternoon, in the kilometer fourteen of the highway, in the Cuernavaca-Centinela leg of the road, the report also mentioned that the driver was unharmed.

The fire was extinguished and the vehicle and corpse were taken in custody, the Fire Department said that the cause of the sudden fire is yet to be determined so no one can tell when the body of the deceased, who was being taken to the cemetery, will be finally put to rest.

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