20 mayo, 2022

Mexico has more than 150 thousand deaths of COVID19, one million 800 thousand contagions, President Lopez Obrador tested positive


Mexico has about 153 thousand deaths due to Coronavirus, with one million 800 thousand contagions, one of them is President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who tested positive two days ago and is now in quarantine, while State maters are taken care of by Governance Secretary (sort of a Department of State secretary), Olga Sanchez Cordero, who has headed the morning press conference that the President holds every morning.

Secretary Sanchez Cordero had contact with the president one or two days before he tested positive, so many people think she should also be in seclusion, but she said that she would take the COVID test on Wednesday, and informed that Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was under medical observation and that “he is stable”.

Vaccines in Mexico have started to arrive, and before he got sick President Lopez Obrador had said that only the Government instances would be allowed to import vaccines, but he changed his mind and said that the private sector (that is companies and/or industry and commerce chambers) would also be permitted to import vaccines.

In Mexicali the Maquila Factories Association (INDEX in Spanish), informed recently that they wanted to acquire vaccines and apply them to their affiliate companies personnel, and now they are free to do so, while the Government vaccination strategies for Baja California are not quite clear, but the COVID “first responders”, such as doctors nurses, paramedics, fire fighters, etcetera have started to get vaccines, but the Police Department was excluded from this, according to Federal Delegate Alejandro Ruiz Uribe.contagions

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