1 abril, 2023

Sunshine Rodríguez, San Felipe anglers leader, arrested for alleged Totoaba bladder traffic


Carlos Loret de Mola, former TV news anchor and reporter, who has been involved in very dubious cases such as the staging of a French citizen “arrest” several years ago, who was also in the middle of a sex scandal with one of his co-anchors in Mexico´s most important TV network, who twitted that Sunshine Rodriguez had been arrested for heading a criminal organization that deals with Totoaba fish swimming bladder, which is very valuable in the China and Japan markets.

Loret de Mola, who made a documentary about the Vaquita Marina (Sea of Cortez endemic species) and says that Sunshine Rodriguez threatened to kill him, sentenced San Felipe fishermen leader in his Twit, stating that he is the leader of a criminal organization, and that a tactic group of Mexico´s Navy, arrested him in the early hours of Wednesday, November 11 and took him to the Federal Attorney´s Office facilities in Mexicali.Sunshine Rodriguez

Sunshine Rodriguez’ son accused the Navy personnel of stealing a video game console and jewelry from their house, while it was Mr. Loret de Mola who stated in Twitter , that Sunshine Rodríguez was accused of Totoaba bladder trafficking, and President Lopez Obrador in his daily morning conference said that a group of fishermen had been arrested in the waters of the Sea of Cortez, for allegedly fishing endangered marine species.

There is a ban for San Felipe fishermen, to protect the “vaquita marina” an endemic species of the Colorado Delta, because their fishing nets harm the vaquita marina, and they fish for Totoaba which is also protected, but their situation is very delicate, they are going through a financial and economic crisis, and they are not allowed to work in order to make a living.

According to certain versions the vaquita has been harmed, more by the slat and sweet water unbalance caused by the lack of flow from the Colorado river, than by the fishing activities, since the Meade and Imperial dams (among others) were constructed on the Colorado river course and less and less water started to flow to the Gulf since then.

Sunshine Rodriguez was arrested in the early hours of Wednesday November 11, and was taken to the facilities of the Federal Attorney General, and according to well-informed sources he may be taken to Mexico City within the next few hours, where he is expected to be arraigned at a Federal Court.



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