22 marzo, 2023

Baja California General Attorney diagnosed with pneumonia, medical reports state he is well and stable


The State General Attorney of Baja California, Guillermo Ruiz Hernandez was diagnosed with pneumonia, but he is under medical attention and reports say his health is stable, according to a press release by the State General Attorney Office (FGE), assuring that everything is under control.attorney

According to Hiram Sanchez Zamora, Central State Attorney, the FGE is working as usual in a permanent manner in order to keeop serving the community, following all the prevention and hygiene procedures that the state Health Secretary has appointed for the current sanitary contingency.

At the moment that´s all the information provided, but the press FGE press release reassures that, as Mr. Ruiz Hernandez health situation evolves, the FGE will keep the community posted through the media.



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