7 febrero, 2023

Alleged sexual agressor arrested and arraigned, he had been on the loose for more than 2 years


Alleged sexual agressor,  identified only as RUFINO “X”, who intended to alleviate his sexual obsession with a minor, who was barely eight years old at the time of the aggression, was arraigned at a Court hearing, so he will be tried and (most likely) sent to jail, and his complete name will be given to the public, but as of right now, he´s presumed innocent until he is declared guilty or not by the Judge.

Everything happened on September 20 2018 when the minor´s mother showed up at the Attorney´s building, she wanted to file a legal complaint against RUFINO, alleging that the man had sexually assaulted her 8 year old boy, she and her son had to wait for a little more than two years to see the man arrested and subjected to a trial and may well be sentenced as sexual agressor, for something he did two years ago, and one can´t help but wonder how many other minors had the misfortune to cross this pervert´s path and became unknown victims.sexual agressor

As soon as the boy´s mother learned about the attack on her 8 year old son by the sexual agressor,  she denounced the sociopath, a man named RUFINO, so Mexicali local State Attorney´s Office requested an arrest warrant, which was carried out by State Guard special agents, and during the arraignment hearing the Judge reclassified RUFINO´s felony to aggravated pederasty and sexual abuse to a minor with less than 14 years of age.

According to the investigation file, opened to prosecute RUFINO for this sexual felony by the special attorney for Crime Against Women for Gender Reasons, and all the evidence contained in there, the Judge conceded an investigation term of two months and the lecherous man will remain locked up as much time as the trial lasts, and it is most likely that the minor´s sex offender, at least, will receive «special treatment» in jail, as all sex agressors attacking minors do.


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