28 enero, 2023

2 violent robbers form Mexicali arraigned by the State Attorney they were free on bail for the same crime


Two alleged violent robbers, car and motorcycle jackers, were arraigned by the State General Attorney´s Mexicali regional office, which carried out the investigation and submitted evidence to the judge who determined that the two violent criminals will be locked up while their trial goes on, it is important to mention that these two already had a legal process going on against them for a violent robbery, in which they were supposedly involved.

DAVID EDUARDO “X” and LUIS ALBERTO “X”, are these two violent guys who are allegedly elated to a motorcycle violent robbery on the corner of Alcajete and Tlatoyos streets in the section of Mexicali called Valle de Puebla, an area on the outskirts of Mexicali, where the highway to San Luis starts, which has become a “no man´s land” and a “lawless area”. and has become the ideal turf for violent robbers as these two criminals.

DAVID EDUARDO and LUIS ALBERTO threatened a food delivery employee with a prop gun with the aim to steal his motorcycle, Honda 150 cargo 2020, white with license plate UDR6U, and then fled the scene.

A special thing about this case is that these two delinquents are already going thru a legal process for the same crime, which is another violent robbery that they committed on June 10, in the convenience store Mary in Mexicali´s Agualeguas section, where they waited for a customer to go out and then threatened him with a knife and stole his IPhone.violent robbers

The two violent robbers were detained and arraigned but they made bail in order to face trial free, not in jail, as a benefit of the so called “new system of justice” or “oral justice system” but they took advantage of their cautionary freedom and kept committing violent robberies, so this time they are expected to remain locked up and they are most likely to be declared guilty and sentenced to a few years “on the shade”.

Based on proof and evidence gathered during the investigation as well as the arguments of the Mexicali regional Attorney´s office, which is led by Pedro Ariel Mendivil, the Judge of the investigation unit of the city´s East Vehicle Robbery Unit, they will remain detained while both trials go on, something that should have been done since the first time they were arrested and arraigned.



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